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Have you ever experienced the feeling that sometimes God purposely introduces us to certain people at certain times in our lives?  I believe this is true, and I am truly blessed to have been placed under your care for the past three months.  I wake up everyday and give thanks for this life I live, and most recently, for the opportunity to have met you.  I am going to be honest with you, after my first experience with physical therapy (which was very forgettable), I had little confidence in you and your ability to be able to help me. As you probably remember, my psychological state was very fragile, and I felt like the everyday pain and anguish I was experiencing would never end.  I have never endured a physical injury which controlled and consumed my life for such a long period of time.  This feeling was new to me, and I had difficulty expressing understanding.  However, I knew after my first initial visit there was something special in line for me, and I was, therefore, all in.  You were able to immediately and successfully install HOPE and self-belief in the outlined process.  Thus, I want you to know how much you have positively impacted my life.  First off, I am thankful for the physical rehabilitation portion of my treatment.  As you know, this is a very important aspect of my life.  You have successfully restored my physical strength, balance, and confidence.  As a direct result, I have been able to reestablish my physical exercise routine.  Secondly, I am grateful for all the additional insight you have shared with me and, for this, I am blessed.  You have enlightened me with the necessary tools to manage my injury and emphatically re-focus my life.  I would eagerly await each visit and soak up as much information as possible.  Lastly, I am inspired by your work and beliefs.  I am a true believer in your practice, and I know you are doing this community and the people you come in contact with a great service.  I believe you genuinely care about your patients and have mastered the ability to adapt your vast treatment knowledge to the specific situation of the individual and not just put them through a careless routine.  I am not going to lie, but I will miss visiting with you on a weekly basis.  However, I understand it is time for me to direct my focus on accomplishing the goals I have set for myself.  Much thanks and appreciation for everything you have done for me!  I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to have met you.  God is not dead.”DN

When I told my son I was going to write about how Alpha Rehab helped him he said to say, “They are awesome! ” That pretty much sums up how I feel about them too!  My son was 7 when he was diagnosed with ADHD and started on medication. We tried several meds and never saw much benefit. By age 12 the side effects had become so severe they far outweighed the minimal benefit. I decided to try counseling but I also went online looking for other answers. What I found was suggestions for OT and Speech therapy. I called Alpha Rehab because I knew they worked with children. I was able to speak with Sara O’Neill during my initial call. She explained how OT and speech (even though my son had no issues with speech) could help retrain his brain and help him slow down and organize his thoughts.  My son was very willing to try therapy because he hated how the meds made him feel and the tics they gave him. He worked with Sara for OT and in testing she found he had issues with midline activities. He had never really learned to tie his shoes and struggled with buttons on clothing, he also had trouble using a knife. I had always chalked this up to him being too impatient to do the task properly. Sara worked with him on these issues and also on balance and controlling his movements. Sara had so many ideas and tips that helped him help himself.  In Speech therapy he worked with Jess and Jody to improve focus and organization. His grades had never been a problem but frustration in school was because he became overwhelmed easily when given assignments. Jess and Jody helped him see how to break projects down into steps and eliminate unnecessary information so he doesn’t become so overwhelmed.  When I look at my son now and see how far he has come I am amazed. I am so grateful to everyone we worked with at Alpha. In about 6-8 months they were able to help my son make huge improvements. They were all so caring and patient and supportive of a 12 year old boy who often felt misunderstood and like a misfit. I highly recommend the services of Alpha Rehab. They helped my son become a better version of himself. One who is much happier, more confident and more successful. ~Anonymous

On January 8, 2014, I was a passenger in a vehicle on I80 West headed to Kearney, Nebraska to pick up some friends to go to Colorado for a winter break ski trip. We were traveling on I80 West and were in a car accident on the passenger side of the vehicle. I was taken to York Emergency Hospital and then transported to Bryan West Emergency Hospital. I was diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury and put into a medical coma for 2 days. Once I woke up I was taken to Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital. I was unable to speak for several days and once I was able to talk I could not communicate thorough sentences for a few weeks. I was discharged from Madonna after 2 months.  I came to Alpha Rehab and was initially set up with Sara O’Neill and Jody Hutsell. Sara did a great job of understanding the areas I needed to improve and really pushed me to be the best I could after the accident. She did an amazing job of giving me things to do outside of my therapy sessions at Alpha Rehab; she even gave me her own family Wii console and balance board to help me work on balance outside of therapy. She really showed care for me outside of the hours of therapy at Alpha Rehab.  Jody helped me get ready to attend school again at UNL this fall. She did a great job at understanding where I needed help and also giving me things to do at home to help me. She was very accommodating and would come up with things to challenge me. Her knowledge of ways and things to do to help me in the classroom at UNL after a TBI was great and will be very useful as I transition back to college.  I switched from OT with Sara after about a month and went to PT with Brittanie Fredrickson. Brittanie also did a great job of giving me things to do outside of therapy. She pushed me and made coming to therapy very enjoyable. Brittanie did a great job at being very supportive and understood where I wanted to get to and helped me achieve my goals.  The staff at Alpha Rehab did a great job of making therapy not a have to but a want to. I wanted to get better, but I also wanted to enjoy doing it and Alpha Rehab did that for me. I know that I could always count on the staff at Alpha Rehab to help me with anything I may need in the future. They have been a great support group for me and a great step to my goal of returning to Lincoln. I know I may have some troubles adjusting to the new way of life now at UNL, but I also know I can always count on the people at Alpha Rehab to help in any way possible.~Mitch

A friend told me that the people at Alpha Rehab were really good at their jobs so when the doctor said I needed physical therapy this is where I came.  My friend was right, they helped me tremendously with my back.  The staff is very caring and I don’t have to park a 1/2 block away.~Anna Carter

Over the past several years, I have dealt with Alpha Rehab in being evaluated and treated for the various aspects of my medical problems.  Without exception I have found all of the staff with which I have had contact to be knowledgeable, professional and capable in working with me and guiding me through the different therapies.  Additionally, simply stated, they are just nice people.~Larry Rainwater

I have used Alpha Rehab twice and if I need rehab again, that’s where I’ll go!  Their staff is superb!~Jan Parker

When I arrived at Alpha Rehab I had already been through 10 months of chiropractic adjustments following an auto accident.  I had severe headaches that never went away and often with nausea, numbness in my face, hands and feet and pain in my hips.  Stiffness and immobility had become my normal life, sitting on the sofa and not moving for fear of “putting myself out”; work and housework were absolutely out of the question.  Even in the initial assessment and interview I felt a glimmer of optimism, Dr. Matt O’Neill asked me what final pain level would make this appointment a success.  I thought if he could get it down to a 5 or 6 it would be pretty good.  He asked if it would be OK to take the pain to ZERO.  I laughed and said, Okay I guess; thinking that he was joking.  He was serious; and not just serious, he was accurate!  I felt like I could dare to hope for the first time since the accident.  I walked out of Alpha Rehab that day with no pain for the first time in months and with a very real hope for the future.  I had forgotten what LIFE felt like.  This is why I drove 4 hours one way to go to Alpha Rehab for physical therapy.~Leann Clark

From the second week of his life, I have been taking my son (who has Down’s Syndrome) to Alpha Rehab.  Because of the expert, caring, and proactive staff at Alpha, he has hit all his gross motor skills as would a typical child and many of his oral and fine motor benchmarks.  I credit all this to Alpha’s loving work with him and their excellent communication with and training of us, his family.~Carrie Crockett

How do I even begin to tell of all that Alpha Rehab has done for my son…My son, Toby McDonald, has Down’s Syndrome and was adopted from an orphanage in Ukraine in 2010.  He was a month shy of his 4th birthday, weighed 18 pounds and was unable to walk or communicate in any way.  I brought him into Alpha at the recommendation of a friend of mine, who had also adopted from Ukraine, in August of 2010, less than a month after being home.  The genuine concern of the therapists touched my heart.  You could see that this wasn’t just a “job” to them.  My son has been going to Alpha now two times per week for a little over 2 years.  He now RUNS inside and is eager to “play” with therapists!!  He has learned close to 100 signs, which he uses to communicate his needs very effectively.  He is also able to say many sounds now, including his own name!!  He is able to undress himself and feed himself!  You would not even recognize him as the same child we brought home 2 years ago.  The love and compassion shown by ALL the therapists at Alpha has impacted his life, and mine, more than I can express with words.  The patience that they possess is incredible.  My son tends to be strong-willed at times, a skill that helped him survive in an orphanage for 4 years, but can become tiresome when working with him.  I have never seen any of them lose their patience with him.  Even my daughters have commented on their ability to remain calm with him.  🙂  As stated previously, it isn’t just a “job” to them.  They are genuinely concerned for everyone, not as a “patient”, but as a person!  The therapists at Alpha go above and beyond their job description.  They even helped my son receive a bike designed specifically for him!!  I would highly recommend Alpha Rehabilitation to ANYONE needing speech, occupational and/or physical therapy without ANY hesitation!!!~Suzanne McDonald