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Post-Cancer Rehabilitation

Speech Therapy

Following head and neck cancer, our speech therapists can work closely with your doctor to help you re-aquire the ability to swallow food again, assist with voice production, provide training for the use of speech-generated communication or electrolaryx use, and  tracheostomy care.  For more information regarding tools speech therapy integrates into post-cancer treatment:

Physical Therapy

Our therapists can help with re-gaining strength and conditioning due to cancer or cancer treatment through the use of personalized exercise plans.  Additionally, when lymphedema results from mastectomy, our physical therapy team can help you recover.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists can complete home safety evaluations or offer consultation for increasing independence with activities of daily living such as bathing or dressing.  They can also help you find new ways of doing desired activities as you are going through treatment and beyond, through activity modification or adaptive equipment.