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Headache & Spine Rehabilitation

Our physical therapists address acute and chronic headaches and neck/back pain.

  • Gentle manual therapy techniques
  • Focus on home programs for continued success
  • Education on lifestyle choices for pain management
  • Workstation and Ergonomic consultations

Alpha Rehab’s treatment for head, neck, and back pain really works.  Come see for yourself. 

“When I arrived at Alpha Rehab I had already been through 10 months of chiropractic adjustments following an auto accident.  I had severe headaches that never went away and often with nausea, numbness in my face, hands and feet and pain in my hips.  Stiffness and immobility had become my normal life, sitting on the sofa and not moving for fear of “putting myself out”; work and housework were absolutely out of the question.  Even in the initial assessment and interview I felt a glimmer of optimism, Dr. Matt O’Neill asked me what final pain level would make this appointment a success.  I thought if he could get it down to a 5 or 6 it would be pretty good.  He asked if it would be OK to take the pain to ZERO.  I laughed and said, Okay I guess; thinking that he was joking.  He was serious; and not just serious, he was accurate!  I felt like I could dare to hope for the first time since the accident.  I walked out of Alpha Rehab that day with no pain for the first time in months and with a very real hope for the future.  I had forgotten what LIFE felt like.  This is why I drove 4 hrs one way to go to Alpha Rehab for physical therapy.” ~Leann Clark