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Medical vs. Educational Therapy Services

One commonly asked question from parents of children with special needs, is “What is the difference between school-based services and clinic-based services?”  Many people believe that therapy received in school is the same as what they would receive in an outpatient therapy setting.  This is not the case.  While schools may offer services to your child, goals are always related to school performance and ability to access the educational environment.  Additionally, not all children who have special needs qualify for school-based services.

In contrast, clinic-based therapy focuses on medical and functional issues, such as strength, coordination, self-care skills, speech or swallow skills.  Therapy can be very intensive, usually 1-2 times per week for at least 30 minutes per therapy per visit.  Our therapists generate goals that are made to be accomplished in short time frames, and are constantly working to advance those skills.  Children who qualify for school-based services often have needs that can be met in clinic-based therapy. Additionally, children who do not qualify for school-based services but do have some level of delay or disability typically are able to receive clinic-based therapy.

Please call us to speak with a therapist with specific questions you may have regarding your child’s needs or diagnosis or  to take a tour of our facility.  We will be happy to assist you.